Up In Smoke

Megan / 20 / Los Angeles

"I am not scared of dying for a cause, i am scared of not finding a cause worth dying for."
this is my blog. A haven for the alternative. tea, couples, gummies, fashion, tattoos, doughnuts, piercings, pin ups, jewelry, and what ever else i like <3

C'est la vie

"I’m sorry you were not truly loved and that it made you cruel."

"I am tired
Not for lack of sleep —
No, I slept quite well last night,
and I’ve had my coffee. it’s something deeper, something
inherently present, in the fibers of my skin,
in my tendons, in my eyes. I am exhausted, fatigued by life,
by the noise and silence,
the people, and
the empty rooms,
the light and dark ;
by hope and despair. so worn down by the world
that nothing in it can
refresh my mind from the
constant buzzing I am tired, and there are not
enough hours in the night
for the type of rest I need."